<b>Lights on the River</b> - Annual holiday lantern launch on the Arkansas River to raise funds for water quality improvements. Saturday, Nov. 29 <b>A clear tomorrow for our river's future</b> - Wichita, Kansas.

Take Back Your River

The Clean Streams Team

Wichita Clean Streams

Under a grant agreement with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE), Wichita Clean Streams is developing a Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) program for the Lower Arkansas River watershed within the city limits.

    Your purchase helps clean up the Ark River. Order your rain barrel today. http://www.wichitacleanstreams.org/rain-barrel-sale/

    Clean up after your pet to help improve water quality.

    Wichita Clean Streams will partner with RiverFest to put on a lighted boat parade on Friday, […]


    Earth Day

    April 22 is Earth Day. Do something for your planet today.


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Your tax-free donation helps us restore and protect the overall health of the Arkansas River's watershed ecosystem.